As the excitement of a new football season begins to take hold, fantasy football enthusiasts around the globe are gearing up for what promises to be another thrilling year. The first week is always crucial in setting the tone for your team’s success or failure, and making the right decisions can make all the difference.

Dalton Del Don, an esteemed fantasy football analyst, is here with some valuable advice on who you should start and sit in every Week 1 game. He also offers some insights into Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) strategies that could give you an edge over your competitors.

Del Don advises that before deciding on which players to start or bench each week, it’s important to consider several factors. These include player performance history against specific teams, current form and fitness levels as well as playing conditions such as weather and home-field advantage 🏈

Starting off with quarterbacks: Tom Brady might be an obvious choice considering his past performances but keep an eye out for underrated options like Josh Allen from Buffalo Bills who has shown impressive progress last season.

When it comes to running backs; Christian McCaffrey from Carolina Panthers is a must-start due his dual-threat capabilities both as a runner and receiver. On the other hand, Leonard Fournette may not be advisable this week due to uncertainties about his role at Tampa Bay Buccaneers after their recent acquisition of Giovani Bernard.

In terms of wide receivers; DeAndre Hopkins from Arizona Cardinals seems like a safe bet given his consistent high-level performances last season while Odell Beckham Jr., despite being one of NFL’s most talented receivers has been inconsistent recently thus he may be worth sitting out this time round.

For tight ends; Travis Kelce continues being a reliable pick thanks to his strong chemistry with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. However Evan Engram’s potential output might not justify starting him due injury concerns lingering from previous seasons.

Lastly when choosing defenses/special teams; Los Angeles Rams stands out as a strong start due their aggressive and effective defensive tactics. But the New England Patriots, despite being historically strong in this department, might not be the best choice due to uncertainties revolving around their squad.

Del Don also offers some DFS tips for those looking to make quick gains each week. He suggests focusing on players with high upside potentials even if they carry certain risks. This could include rookies or less-known athletes who are poised for breakout performances.

Remember that the key to winning in fantasy football is adaptability; player performance can fluctuate wildly from week-to-week so don’t hesitate to make bold decisions when necessary. Here’s wishing you all a successful Week 1 – may your picks lead you straight into victory lane!