The world of Fantasy Football is always on the move, with rankings changing every week. As we head into Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season 🏈, it’s time to take a look at our tight end (TE) rankings.

As fantasy football enthusiasts know well, choosing the right TE can make or break your team. The position may not be as glamorous as quarterback or wide receiver, but a top-performing TE can provide crucial points that lead to victory.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into our predictions for TEs in Week 1 and how they might impact your fantasy team. Remember, these are just projections based on current data and past performance; injuries and other unpredictable factors can cause shifts in these ranks.

Our number one pick for Week 1 is undoubtedly Travis Kelce from Kansas City Chiefs. His consistent high-level play makes him an excellent choice for any fantasy lineup.

Next up is George Kittle from San Francisco 49ers who has been showing promising signs during pre-season training sessions. He’s expected to have a standout year provided he stays injury-free.

Coming in third place is Darren Waller of Las Vegas Raiders whose athletic ability combined with his knack for finding open space could result in significant gains each game.

Mark Andrews from Baltimore Ravens takes fourth place due to his chemistry with Lamar Jackson which should yield plenty of targets throughout the season.

Rounding out our top five picks is TJ Hockenson from Detroit Lions who had an impressive rookie season last year and looks set to continue his upward trajectory this year.

Following closely behind at sixth place is Rob Gronkowski of Tampa Bay Buccaneers – while he’s not quite as dominant as he once was during his prime years with New England Patriots, Gronk still brings considerable value thanks to Tom Brady being under center.

Hunter Henry now playing for Los Angeles Chargers comes next due to his reliability when healthy although durability concerns do knock him down a few spots.

In eighth place is Noah Fant of Denver Broncos who has shown flashes of brilliance but needs to work on his consistency.

Dallas Goedert from Philadelphia Eagles and Mike Gesicki from Miami Dolphins round out our top ten picks, both having potential for breakout seasons provided they get enough targets each game.

The rest of the list includes capable TEs like Evan Engram (New York Giants), Jonnu Smith (New England Patriots), Logan Thomas (Washington Football Team) and many others. These players may not be in the top ranks, but they could still provide valuable points if used strategically.

To conclude, these rankings should serve as a starting point for your fantasy football decisions heading into Week 1. Remember that while stats are crucial, so too is understanding player matchups and team dynamics. Stay tuned for more updates as we move further into the season!