🏈 As we gear up for the first week of the 2023 NFL season, it’s time to take a close look at our fantasy football tight end rankings.

In the world of fantasy football, your success can often hinge on your ability to choose the right players in key positions. Among these crucial roles is that of the tight end (TE). The TE position can be one of unpredictability and variance but having a reliable player in this slot could make or break your team.

As we approach Week 1, there are several names to keep an eye on when it comes to TEs. These players have shown consistency and promise during preseason games and training sessions, making them potentially valuable assets for any fantasy football team owner.

Firstly, Travis Kelce from Kansas City Chiefs remains a top pick due to his consistent performances over recent seasons. His combination of size, speed and skill set him apart as one of the most reliable TEs available.

Next up is George Kittle from San Francisco 49ers who has been steadily improving each year since entering into NFL. With his physicality and pass-catching abilities, he is expected to perform well this season too.

Mark Andrews from Baltimore Ravens is another name worth considering. He had an impressive last season with good numbers which puts him high in our list for Week 1 rankings.

Darren Waller from Las Vegas Raiders also stands out due to his exceptional athleticism and catching skills which makes him a strong contender among TEs in Fantasy Football Rankings.

T.J Hockenson from Detroit Lions has shown great potential during pre-season games with excellent receptions making him another solid choice for TE spot in Fantasy Football teams.

Zach Ertz from Philadelphia Eagles despite facing some injuries last year still managed decent stats putting him among top picks for TE spot this year too.

Dallas Goedert also from Philadelphia Eagles has displayed promising performance recently which might give tough competition within his own team.

Other notable mentions include Rob Gronkowski from Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Noah Fant from Denver Broncos and Jonnu Smith from New England Patriots who all have shown potential to be game changers for Fantasy Football teams.

As we move closer to Week 1, it’s important to keep an eye on the injury reports, training camp news and other updates as these can greatly influence a player’s performance. Remember that in fantasy football, sometimes taking risks can pay off big time.

In conclusion, while drafting your fantasy football team for the first week of the 2023 NFL season remember that choosing the right TE could give you an edge over your competitors. Keep these rankings in mind and make sure you choose wisely!