The NFL’s season opener between the Lions and Chiefs has seen a significant increase in viewership, with an average of 26.8 million people tuning in to watch the game. This represents a 24% rise from last year’s figures, indicating that interest in American football is on the rise.

🏈 The kickoff match was highly anticipated by fans across America and beyond. With both teams boasting strong rosters and high hopes for the season ahead, it was no surprise that millions chose to tune in for this exciting showdown.

Despite their best efforts, however, it was not the start that the Chiefs had hoped for as they opened their campaign with a loss against Detroit’s pride – The Lions. Yet while this may have been disappointing for some Kansas City supporters, many others were simply thrilled to see such competitive play back on our screens once again.

This surge in viewing figures could be attributed to several factors. For one thing, there is no denying that lockdown restrictions due to COVID-19 have resulted in more people staying at home and therefore having more time available to watch sports events like these.

Moreover, both teams’ fan bases are known for their passion and loyalty which likely played a part too; especially considering how eagerly many had been awaiting this particular matchup given its potential implications on playoff positions later down the line.

Another possible reason behind such high numbers might lie within recent developments regarding player contracts – namely those involving star quarterback Patrick Mahomes who signed an unprecedented ten-year deal worth over half-a-billion dollars earlier this summer; making him one of highest-paid athletes worldwide currently competing professionally today!

Whether or not any of these reasons can fully explain why so many tuned into watch remains uncertain though what does seem clear enough now is just how popular our beloved sport continues becoming amongst audiences everywhere else around world still regardless whatever circumstances may come next…

In conclusion then: despite resulting defeat suffered by Chiefs during opening fixture versus Lions earlier week ago today, it’s quite evident that American football remains a major draw for viewers across the country and beyond. With such strong viewing figures already this early in the season, there is every reason to believe that interest will only continue to grow as we move forward.

So whether you’re a die-hard fan of either team or just enjoy watching high-quality sports entertainment from comfort of your own home – rest assured knowing that NFL has plenty more exciting action lined up over coming weeks ahead!