The impact of Coach Prime is indeed tangible. Bryce Underwood, the top quarterback recruit for the Class of 2025, has set his sights on Colorado and plans to visit Boulder.


Bryce Underwood isn’t just any high school football player; he’s currently considered the best quarterback in his class nationwide. His talent and potential have made him a highly coveted prospect by several colleges across the country. However, it seems that one place has caught this young athlete’s eye – Colorado.

Underwood’s interest in Colorado isn’t surprising given its reputation as a breeding ground for talented athletes. The state boasts some of the nation’s most prestigious sports programs and facilities, making it an attractive destination for ambitious recruits like Underwood.

However, there might be another factor at play here – Coach Prime effect. This term refers to Deion Sanders’ influence on young players since becoming head coach at Jackson State University (JSU). Sanders, also known as “Coach Prime,” was an exceptional professional football player himself before transitioning into coaching. His success story inspires many aspiring athletes like Underwood who dream of reaching similar heights in their careers.

Since taking over JSU’s helm last year, Sanders has managed to attract top-tier talent from all over America to Mississippi-based historically black university (HBCU), which had been struggling with recruitment priorly due to lack of resources compared to bigger schools.

Sanders’ approach goes beyond traditional coaching methods; he focuses not only on improving players’ skills but also instilling them with discipline and respect for their sport – qualities that often define successful athletes off-field too.

It appears that Bryce is among those affected by ‘Coach Prime Effect.’ He seems drawn towards coaches who can provide more than just technical guidance- mentors who can help shape him both as an athlete and individual during these formative years ahead.

While no official commitment has been made yet by Underwood regarding college choice or even the specific schools he’s considering, his interest in Colorado is a promising sign for the Buffaloes. It could potentially open doors to other top recruits who may follow Underwood’s lead and consider Colorado as their future home.

In any case, wherever Bryce chooses to go will be lucky to have such a talented player on their roster. His potential is undeniable; with right guidance and opportunities, he might just become one of the greats in college football history.

For now, all eyes are on this young quarterback as he navigates through recruitment process. One thing’s certain though – Coach Prime effect has already begun influencing next generation of athletes even beyond JSU campus boundaries.