🔍 Gossip: Rangers, Celtic, Hibernian, Potter, Montgomery, Abada, McTominay

In the latest football news making the rounds in Scotland and beyond; Rangers are reportedly ‘sounding out’ a manager with Premier League experience. This move comes as part of their strategy to strengthen their coaching staff and bring about some fresh perspectives.

The Glasgow-based club has been relatively quiet on the transfer front but is believed to be quietly working behind scenes to secure experienced personnel who can help propel them forward in both domestic and international competitions. The identity of this potential new recruit remains under wraps for now.

On another note within Scottish football circles – Hibernian (Hibs) FC are said to be close to unveiling their new boss. After weeks of speculation and anticipation from fans and pundits alike, it seems that the Edinburgh side is finally ready to reveal who will take charge at Easter Road Stadium going forward.

This development follows a period of uncertainty within the team’s management structure which left many questioning what direction they would take next season. The announcement promises not only stability but also renewed hope for better performances on pitch come next season.

Meanwhile over at Celtic Park – home ground for Celtic FC – there have been rumors swirling around regarding players like Montgomery and Abada. Both players have had impressive runs recently which has led many observers suggesting possible transfers or contract extensions could be in offing.

Montgomery especially has caught attention with his consistent performances while Abada’s speed down wings continues to draw praise from all corners. However official word from club remains elusive leaving fans eagerly waiting any updates regarding these two promising talents.

Not forgetting Scott McTominay whose name often pops up whenever discussions about top performing Scotsmen arise. Currently plying his trade with Manchester United in English Premier League; McTominay has shown great form lately leading many speculating whether he might consider a move back home someday soon?

Lastly we turn our attention to Graham Potter who has been making waves in English football with his managerial style at Brighton & Hove Albion. His name is currently being linked with several top tier clubs across Europe thanks to impressive results he’s achieved thus far.

In conclusion, the world of Scottish and British football never fails to deliver exciting news and gossip for fans around globe. From potential new managers to player transfers – there’s always something happening that keeps supporters on edge of their seats! Stay tuned for more updates as they unfold.