The excitement of NFL Sundays are back in full swing. In the first week, we saw a range of performances – from dominating victories to surprising upsets and quite a bit of disorganized gameplay.

The Dallas Cowboys were undoubtedly the stars of Week 1. With an impressive show on both sides of the ball, they managed to dominate their opponents effortlessly. Their offensive line was particularly noteworthy, providing solid protection for their quarterback and opening lanes for their running backs.

On the other hand, Tyreek Hill’s performance was nothing short of spectacular 🏈. The Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver put on an electrifying display that left fans and critics alike in awe. His speed and agility proved too much for his opponents as he made several key plays throughout the game.

Despite these standout performances though, there was also plenty of sloppy play witnessed during Week 1 games. Many teams appeared rusty after not having had pre-season games due to COVID-19 restrictions. Missed tackles, dropped passes, penalties – all these were more common than usual as players shook off their rustiness from lack of practice matches.

Analysts Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski provided insightful breakdowns post-game about each team’s performance during this first week action slate.
They noted how some teams need to work harder on their coordination while others simply need more time together on field to shake off any remaining rustiness before they can truly shine this season.

While it is still early days into this new NFL season with many more weeks ahead filled with thrilling football action; one thing remains clear – no matter what happens next or who eventually lifts that coveted Super Bowl trophy at end-of-season finale; fans around world will be glued onto every single moment till then!

In conclusion, despite some hiccups and messy plays here-and-there; return-of-NFL Sundays has been welcomed by fans across globe with open arms! It’s safe-to-say that even amidst ongoing global pandemic, the spirit of NFL remains unfazed and continues to bring joy and excitement into lives of millions around world.

So, here’s looking forward to more fantastic football action in weeks ahead! This is just beginning – there are many more exciting matches, brilliant plays and memorable moments yet-to-come this season; so stay-tuned for all that’s in store next!

This indeed was a thrilling start to new NFL season – it had everything from dominating victories, spectacular individual performances, unexpected upsets to even some sloppy play. But then again, isn’t unpredictability part-and-parcel of what makes this sport so enthralling? So let’s buckle-up for an exhilarating ride this season as we watch best-of-best battle-it-out on field every week till end-of-season finale!