Legends League Cricket (LLC) implemented a super-sub rule for the first time on Friday, when the league got off with a special benefit match between India Maharajas and Team World Giants at the Eden Gardens in Mumbai.

The one-of-a-kind rule specifies that each team will have one “super replacement” available after the completion of 10 overs in any inning of the match. However, teams must declare the names of these “super sub” players before the game begins.

The introduction of this rule, according to Legends League Cricket Match Commissioner Ravi Shastri, might be a game changer. Because the game evolves year after year, the former India coach believes the regulation will be implemented in international cricket in the future.

“I see this game evolving all the time. Who knows tomorrow it might be something that’s used even at the international level. Don’t be surprised because this is one format that can evolve, especially in tournaments like these where you are not bound by certain rules.

“You can create your own rules in tournaments like these or even in the IPL, or Big Bash. If you want to experiment or try something new, this is the place to do it,” the former India allrounder said in Kolkata on Friday.

The league phase of the tournament will start from September 17 and will feature four teams in Gujarat Giants, India Capitals, Manipal Tigers and Bhilwara Kings. Around 90 cricketing greats will take part in 16 matches across 6 venues.

Speaking about LLC and his role in the tournament, Shastri said, “It’s a fabulous opportunity. It’s a new string to the bow. Sometimes, it can just be the motivator that is needed to keep yourself fit and engage in something different.

“I am always ready and willing to work for the benefit of the sport and to promote the sport in different parts of the globe.”

He added: “Basically, my job in this league is to ensure that the cricketing part of it is run properly. There is a sense of pride in what you do. The work ethic has to be solid. There is an integrity quotient attached to it.

“Hence, you have the Anti-Corruption Units. These are not exhibition games. It’s the proper stuff under proper guidelines and every aspect is being looked at like the way you would play an international game. When that happens, players start taking it seriously.

“They know they are not out here for a holiday. They realise that there are people watching them across the globe, it’s important for them to enjoy the league and express themselves.”