The National Football League (NFL) season is always full of surprises, and the first week never fails to deliver. It’s often said that Week 1 is a liar; it might paint a picture that doesn’t quite match what unfolds over the course of the season. This year was no exception, especially when considering where the Bears stand after their blowout loss against the Packers.

🏈 The game was nothing short of a debacle for the Bears. From start to finish, they struggled on both sides of the ball. The offense couldn’t find its rhythm while defense seemed unable to stop anything thrown at them by Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers squad.

As an insider observing closely, Josh Schrock has been assessing teams’ performances in order to compile his NFL Power Rankings post-Week 1 results. According to him, this early in the season there are many variables which can alter a team’s trajectory dramatically as more games are played.

When we look at how things have started off for our beloved Chicago Bears, we see some worrying signs already emerging from their performance against one of their biggest rivals – Green Bay Packers.

Firstly, let’s address what everyone could see: A lackluster offensive display by Chicago throughout much of Sunday’s game made it easy pickings for Green Bay’s robust defensive line-up. The result? An embarrassing scoreline that left fans questioning whether this team has any real chance at competing this year.

On top of that poor offensive showing was equally concerning defensive play from Chicago who didn’t seem capable enough or prepared enough to handle Aaron Rodgers’ onslaughts – further compounding doubts about Bear’s chances moving forward into next week and beyond.

Losing so heavily in your opening game sends out negative signals not only within your own camp but also amongst other teams watching on with interest – making future games potentially even harder than they would be otherwise due to increased pressure and expectation levels placed upon players’ shoulders.

But, let’s not forget that this is just Week 1. There are still many games left to be played in the season and plenty of opportunities for the Bears to turn things around. It’s important to remember that a single game doesn’t define a team or its entire season.

Josh Schrock’s power rankings have been updated post-Week 1 and it’s clear where he sees Chicago Bears standing at this moment: They need work, lots of it. But as fans, we must keep our faith alive because football is unpredictable – anything can happen over the coming weeks.

The NFL landscape so early in the season may seem bleak for some teams but it’s far from being set in stone. The key takeaway here would be not to lose hope too soon – there are always twists and turns waiting round every corner when you’re playing in a league as competitive as NFL.

In conclusion, while Week 1 has certainly painted an unflattering picture of Chicago Bears’ current form, rest assured knowing that there’s still ample time ahead for them to regroup, refocus and reignite their campaign moving forward into remainder of this exciting new NFL season.