🚁 The manhunt for Daniel Khalife, a former soldier and now terror suspect, continues into its third day. His escape from Wandsworth Prison has prompted an intense search operation in Richmond Park.

Khalife’s sudden disappearance on Wednesday caused quite a stir among the authorities. A national alert was immediately issued, with every law enforcement agency across the country joining forces to locate and apprehend him. The situation is further complicated by his military background, which could potentially make him more elusive and dangerous than your average fugitive.

Helicopters have been circling Richmond Park since early morning today as part of this ongoing search operation. This vast open space in southwest London is believed to be where Khalife might be hiding out or passing through due to its size and dense vegetation.

Local residents have been advised to stay indoors until further notice for their safety while the police continue their exhaustive sweep of the area. Roadblocks have also been set up at key points around the park to prevent any potential escape attempts by Khalife.

The circumstances surrounding his prison break are still under investigation but initial reports suggest that he may have had outside help. Security footage from Wandsworth Prison shows an unidentified individual near the premises shortly before Khalife’s escape was discovered.

This incident has raised serious concerns about security measures at UK prisons, particularly those housing high-risk inmates like Khalife who pose significant threats to public safety if they manage to escape custody.

In response, officials from Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS) stated that a comprehensive review of existing security protocols will be carried out following this incident. They assured that lessons would be learned and necessary changes implemented swiftly so as not let such incidents repeat themselves in future

Meanwhile, calls for calm are being made amidst growing public anxiety over this situation. Authorities urge citizens not just within Richmond Park vicinity but throughout London and indeed all over Britain should remain vigilant yet composed during these trying times

As we wait for more developments on this story, it’s clear that the escape of Daniel Khalife has not only sparked one of the most extensive manhunts in recent history but also ignited a nationwide conversation about prison security and public safety.

In conclusion, as helicopters continue their relentless search over Richmond Park and law enforcement officers comb through every inch of the area, everyone hopes for a swift resolution to this matter. The hope is that Khalife will be recaptured soon without any harm coming to innocent civilians or further disruption to community life.