As we delve into the world of American Football Conference (AFC) quarterbacks, there are 16 burning questions that need to be addressed. 🏈

1. Can Jimmy Garoppolo shake off the label of being a ‘bridge’ quarterback? This term is often used for QBs who serve as temporary placeholders until a younger, more promising player can take over. But with his skill set and potential, is it fair to limit him with this tag?

2. The synergy between Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs has been remarkable on-field, but will it require further nurturing off-field? Their rapport has been evident in their performances; however, maintaining such chemistry might demand additional effort.

3. If Travis Kelce’s knee injury prolongs, could Patrick Mahomes step up and elevate the offense even further? Mahomes’ ability to adapt and deliver under pressure isn’t unknown; yet how he manages without one of his key players remains to be seen.

4-6: Questions four through six pertain to various other dynamics within teams – how certain strategies may evolve or change depending upon injuries or team performance overall.

7-9: These queries revolve around individual performances – whether specific players can outdo their previous records or if they would succumb under expectations.

10-12: Questions ten through twelve examine coaching tactics – how coaches plan on managing their teams given unexpected circumstances like sudden injuries or changes in game plans due to opponents’ strategies.

13-15: Queries thirteen through fifteen focus on future prospects – which rookie shows promise for becoming an integral part of the team’s strategy ahead?

The final question circles back to where we started—questioning traditional labels put on these athletes—and asks if these tags do justice in defining them fully considering their abilities and contributions towards their respective teams.

In conclusion, while these 16 questions offer food for thought regarding AFC Quarterbacks’ roles and responsibilities within their teams—not all answers will be immediately available. As the season unfolds, so will the answers to these questions, painting a clearer picture of where each player stands and what can be expected from them in future games.