🏈 With the kickoff of a new season, fantasy football enthusiasts are gearing up for yet another exciting year. Among them is Matt Harmon, a renowned analyst in the field who has come forward with his insights on what to expect from Week 1 of the games.

Harmon’s approach to viewing and understanding these games can be categorized into three distinct sections: Binge, Stream, and Skip. These categories provide a comprehensive guide for viewers based on how promising or entertaining each game could potentially be.

The “Binge” category includes those games that promise high stakes and thrilling performances. According to Harmon’s analysis, these matches should not be missed under any circumstances as they have significant implications for fantasy football players’ lineups.

Next comes the “Stream” section which comprises those matchups that may not necessarily be blockbuster events but still hold considerable value owing to certain players or potential outcomes. For avid fans who wish to consume as much football as possible during Week 1, these are the games you’ll want your screens tuned into.

Lastly, we have Harmon’s “Skip” list – matches that might not offer much excitement or impact in terms of fantasy points this week. While every game has its importance in a season-long narrative context, these particular ones might lack immediate appeal due to various factors such as mismatched teams or less relevant player line-ups.

However, it’s crucial to remember that even though some games fall under the “skip” category initially – surprises can happen at any time! The unpredictable nature of sports means there’s always room for unexpected turns and twists so keep an eye out!

It is also important to note here that while Harmon’s breakdown provides invaluable insight into what one can expect from each matchup; individual preferences regarding teams and players will inevitably sway viewer choices too.

Each fan brings their own unique perspective when it comes down deciding which match-ups they find most engaging — hence why no two people will ever fully agree on a definitive viewer’s guide. Nevertheless, Harmon’s analysis provides an excellent starting point for those unsure of where to direct their attention during the first week.

In conclusion, Matt Harmon’s Binge, Stream and Skip: Fantasy football Week 1 viewer’s guide is a handy tool for navigating through the initial wave of games. By categorizing each game into binge-worthy, streamable or skippable brackets based on various factors such as entertainment value and fantasy relevance; it simplifies decision-making for viewers while adding an extra layer of intrigue to the proceedings.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in fantasy football or just getting started this season – make sure to consider these insights before tuning into Week 1. Remember – every play counts when it comes to your fantasy lineup!