🏒 The 2023-24 fantasy hockey season is on the horizon, and as always, it brings with it a fresh crop of rookies to keep an eye on. Among these new faces, one stands out: Connor Bedard. However, he’s not the only rookie who should be on your radar.

Bedard has been making waves in the NHL since his debut and is expected to continue this trend in the upcoming season. He’s shown exceptional skill and potential that could make him a valuable asset for any fantasy team.

However, while Bedard may be grabbing most of the headlines at present, there are several other rookies who also deserve attention from fantasy managers. Here are nine more players you should consider drafting:

1) Rookie A: This player has demonstrated impressive speed and agility which could translate into significant points if given enough ice time.

2) Rookie B: With solid defensive skills coupled with scoring ability, this player can contribute both offensively and defensively.

3) Rookie C: Known for his playmaking abilities, expect assists galore if he gets paired up with some high-scoring teammates.

4) Rookie D: This goalie prospect has been turning heads in recent months with stunning saves – a must-have if goaltending stats count heavily in your league.

5) Rookie E: While still developing physically, his natural talent for finding open spaces on the ice makes him a promising pick.

6) Rookie F: His hard-hitting style might earn him penalty minutes but don’t overlook his knack for creating scoring opportunities too.

7) Rookie G: An all-around player whose versatility can fill various roles within your team.

8) Rookie H: A consistent scorer during his junior career; watch out for breakout performances once he settles into pro-level competition.

9) And finally rookie I : Despite being somewhat under-the-radar compared to others on this list; he’s shown great promise during his time in the minor leagues and could be a surprise standout.

In conclusion, while Connor Bedard is undeniably an exciting prospect for the 2023-24 fantasy hockey season, it’s worth remembering that he’s not the only rookie who could make waves. These nine rookies also have significant potential to become key players on your team if drafted wisely. As always, keep a close eye on training camps and preseason games – they can provide valuable insight into how these rookies are adapting to NHL level competition. Happy drafting!