As the kickoff of the NFL season approaches, fantasy football enthusiasts worldwide are meticulously fine-tuning their rosters. If you’re one of them, this article is for you! 🏈

Fantasy football expert Andy Behrens has revealed eight players who weren’t drafted in enough fantasy leagues that should be on your radar right now. These athletes may have slipped under the radar during draft time but could make a significant impact on your team’s performance as the season unfolds.

1. First up is Player A. Despite not being a top pick in most drafts, his impressive preseason performance and potential starting role suggest he might surprise us all with some outstanding displays.

2. Next is Player B – an overlooked talent that could shine brightly this year due to changes within his team’s offensive line-up.

3. Thirdly there’s Player C whose skills may have been underestimated because of his previous injuries but remember, he was once considered among the league’s best at his position.

4. The fourth player to consider adding to your roster is Player D; while he didn’t get much attention during drafts, insiders believe he has what it takes to become a breakout star this season.

5. Don’t forget about Player E either – despite having faced stiff competition for playtime last year; new team dynamics may just open up opportunities for him this season!

6-8: Players F, G & H round off our list – they’ve shown promising signs in training camps and preseason games and could provide valuable depth to any fantasy squad if given regular playing time throughout the season.

It can be challenging deciding who gets those coveted spots on your roster when preparing for Week 1 of Fantasy Football – every decision counts! However, these eight players’ potential value far outweighs their current market price making them worthy waiver wire pickups ahead of week 1 kick-off!

Remember that success in Fantasy Football isn’t always about picking superstar players from day one—it’s about making smart, strategic decisions throughout the season. So keep an eye on these players and others who might emerge as valuable assets to your team.

As a final note, remember that Fantasy Football is not just about winning; it’s also about having fun! Enjoy the thrill of competition and camaraderie with friends or colleagues. Here’s to a fantastic Fantasy Football season!