Esteemed French filmmaker Claire Denis has been selected to preside over the jury for the Official Section of the 71st San Sebastian Film Festival. The festival, which is one of the most prestigious in Europe, will be held from September 22-30.

Denis’ appointment as Jury President underscores her significant contribution to world cinema. Known for her thought-provoking and innovative films that often delve into themes of colonialism and post-colonial identity, Denis continues to push boundaries with her work.

Joining Denis on this distinguished panel are several other notable figures from international film circles. Among them is German director Christian Petzold, a renowned figure in European cinema known for his deeply evocative narratives that explore Germany’s complex history and society.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing also joins the roster. She brings not only star power but also an extensive knowledge of Chinese cinema – both mainstream and independent sectors – to this esteemed group.

Colombian producer, director, and writer Cristina Gallego will provide valuable insights drawn from her experience working across different roles within filmmaking. Her unique perspective as a female filmmaker navigating Latin American cinema makes her an invaluable addition to this diverse jury team.

Also joining is celebrated French photographer Brigitte Lacombe who has made significant contributions through capturing iconic images of movie stars behind-the-scenes at some of Hollywood’s biggest productions 📸

Hungarian producer Robert Lantos rounds out this impressive ensemble with his decades-long experience producing critically acclaimed films in both North America and Europe.

The festival will not just be about judging new works; it will also celebrate established masters like Hayao Miyazaki who is set to receive an honorary award during the event. This recognition reflects Miyazaki’s immense influence on animation globally with masterpieces such as “My Neighbor Totoro” or “Spirited Away”.

In conclusion, we can expect a dynamic exchange among these accomplished individuals representing diverse perspectives from various corners of the global film industry. The 71st San Sebastian Film Festival, under the leadership of Claire Denis and her esteemed colleagues, promises to be an event that celebrates cinema in all its richness and diversity.