Brock Purdy, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, has revealed what he told coach Kyle Shanahan after suffering a UCL injury in a match against the Eagles. This revelation comes as part of NBC Sports Bay Area’s ongoing series “Mr. Relevant: Brock Purdy’s NFL Story,” where Jennifer Lee Chan explores his journey through professional football.

Purdy began by describing the moment when he realized something was wrong during that fateful game against the Philadelphia Eagles. He felt an unusual sensation in his arm and knew immediately that it wasn’t normal.

“I remember feeling this sharp pain,” said Purdy. “I’ve been playing football since I was a kid, and I knew right away that this wasn’t just an ordinary hit.”

Despite experiencing significant discomfort, Purdy continued to play until halftime before finally disclosing his injury to Coach Shanahan.

“I didn’t want to let my team down,” explained Purdy about why he chose not to reveal his injury immediately. “I thought maybe if I could push through it, we could still win.”

Upon hearing about Purdry’s condition, Coach Shanahan expressed concern but also admiration for his player’s determination.

“He looked at me with worry in his eyes,” recalled Purdy of their conversation post-injury disclosure. “But then he nodded and said ‘It shows your character.'”

The recovery process from such an injury is typically long and arduous 🏈; however, with support from teammates and coaching staff alike, including Shanahan himself who regularly checked up on him throughout recovery time – demonstrating genuine concern for not only player performance but individual well-being too – made all difference according to our resilient QB.

As much as this story highlights physical toughness required within sport like American Football where injuries can often be severe or career-ending even; it equally shines light upon mental strength necessary when facing adversity head-on – whether on field or off it!

In conclusion of second installment of series, Purdy expressed his gratitude towards everyone who has supported him through this difficult time and is looking forward to getting back on the field.

“I’ve learned a lot from this experience,” said Purdy. “I’m just eager to get back out there and show everyone what I can do.”

In sharing his story, Brock Purdy hopes to inspire others facing similar challenges – proving that with determination, support, and hard work, one can overcome even the most daunting obstacles.