The manager of Newport County, Graham Coughlan, has publicly stated that Will Evans deserves a call to represent Wales. This statement comes on the heels of what he termed as a “laughable” decision where Evans was overlooked for an EFL award.

Coughlan strongly believes in the abilities and potential of his player, expressing disappointment with the recent snub from the English Football League (EFL) awards. He says it’s high time for people to recognize Evans’ talent and give him due credit.

Evans has been instrumental in Newport County’s success this season. His performances have not only caught the eye of his club but also football enthusiasts across England. However, despite his impressive form throughout the year, he was surprisingly left out when it came time to hand out individual honors at EFL.

This oversight didn’t sit well with Coughlan who voiced his displeasure about it openly. According to him, such decisions undermine players’ efforts and can potentially discourage them from giving their best in future games 😕 .

Not one to dwell on negatives though, Coughlan used this opportunity instead to highlight why he thinks Evans should be considered for national duty by Wales.

He pointed out that during each game, Evans consistently shows excellent skill levels coupled with an exceptional work ethic – attributes which are key requirements for any player wishing to make it onto a national team roster.

Furthermore, Coughlan emphasized how vital Evans is within their squad structure at Newport County; outlining that without his contributions they wouldn’t be enjoying their current successful run.

Coughlan concluded by saying that if anyone deserves recognition and accolades right now then surely it must be Will Evans! As far as he is concerned: “It’s laughable how someone like Will gets ignored while others get all the attention.”

In conclusion: If there ever was a shining example of ‘actions speak louder than words’, then perhaps this situation fits perfectly into that category. Evans’ performances on the pitch have been speaking volumes about his abilities and potential, and it’s high time that those in positions of authority take note.

So here’s hoping that Will Evans gets the recognition he deserves soon – both from EFL awards as well as a call-up to represent Wales!