The annual Cranberry Day in Callander is just around the corner, and it needs your support! 🍁

Cranberry Day, a beloved mid-autumn event that has become one of the town’s most anticipated gatherings, is fast approaching. This year’s festivities are scheduled for Saturday, September 30th. For all those who have been eagerly awaiting this day with images of cranberries dancing in their heads – rest assured that these visions will soon come to life.

Starting at 10:00 am and running until 3:00 pm, the day promises an array of activities along the scenic Cranberry Trail. The trail takes you down Cranberry Road off Pinewood Park Drive and offers a unique opportunity to enjoy nature while celebrating this vibrant berry.

As we get closer to the date, anticipation builds up among residents as well as visitors from neighboring towns. It’s not just about cranberries; it’s about community spirit coming together in celebration of autumn’s bounty.

However, this year’s event requires more hands-on deck than ever before. The municipality is working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to ensure another successful edition of Cranberry Day but they need your help!

Whether you’re a local or planning on visiting Callander during this time period – consider lending your support by volunteering for various tasks throughout the day. You could assist with setting up stalls early morning or help manage crowds during peak hours – every little bit helps!

For those who can’t physically be there but still want to contribute towards making Cranberry Day a success – worry not! There are many ways you can show your support remotely such as promoting our event online through social media platforms or sponsoring some aspects of the festival like snacks or decorations.

Remember that every contribution counts towards making our beloved tradition continue thriving for years to come.

So mark Saturday, September 30th in thick red ink on your calendar because Callander’s Cranberry Day awaits! Let’s come together to celebrate the cranberry, a symbol of our town’s spirit and unity.

Let’s make this year’s Cranberry Day the best one yet!